Date: 10th August 2008 at 11:16pm
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‘The best team won, no question about that. Having said that, I think some people could have been mistaken for the time of the year, I thought Santa Claus was going to run out on the pitch at any stage. I think we’ve certainly gifted them 3 goals and they’ve gifted us a goal, and there were numerous other calamitous errors from both sides.

We got in front with a calamitous goal but, that’s what happens in football. The warning signs were there, there was no question about that. We attempted to do some work at half time to ensure that Lester didn’t get in amongst us. The back four were being too stretched and he was making those little runs that he’s very clever with.

They were too clever for us and of course we made a couple of the errors. I’d rather get the errors over in the first game like we have done and some indifferent performances like we have done and we can learn from it and get on to the next game.

Their keeper, who really let in a shocking goal in the first half, ended up being some kind of a hero for them in the second half. I thought he made 3 or 4 fantastic saves, having said that Lee Harrison also made 2 fantastic saves in the first half to keep us in at 1-0.

The work we done at half time obviously hasn’t been enough and I thought overall they worked harder than us at a critical stage in the game. I thought they came out at half time, worked harder than us, took the initiative and got themselves back in the game by working hard. If there is anything we can learn from today’s game it’s that we have to match that work ethic’.

Quotes taken from BBC Football.