Date: 22nd August 2013 at 8:18am
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Every now and again a local paper and football club have a “disagreement”, shall we call it.

What a paper writes and what a club likes aren’t always one in the same, and visa versa to be fair, with it claimed this week that Adam Newson (a Barnet Times Series paper reporter) had been banned from the Hive?

Barnet has insisted that this isn’t the case with the following “statement of clarification” put out officially: ‘Barnet FC wish to clarify its relationship with the Barnet Times Series newspaper.

‘It has been incorrectly reported that we have issued a ban on their football reporter Adam Newson. This is most definitely not the case and we will be offering our usual cordial welcome to Adam on Saturday for our game at The Hive against Nuneaton Town.

‘The club enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Sports Department of this newspaper and this relationship is much valued by the club.

‘In recent days however there have been reports emanating from the News Desk of this paper that are extremely inaccurate and quite defamatory to the extent that we have sought legal advice as to our position.

‘We sincerely hope that these issues can be resolved but in the meantime we are confident that the Sports Department will continue to provide their usual level of informed and incisive coverage of the Bees.’

Clearly Barnet haven’t been happy with some of the content put out by the Barnet Times Series but, it would seem, no banning of anyone has been deemed necessary as yet…

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