Date: 14th July 2007 at 12:22pm
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Three trialists have come from France and the Czech Republic to join the Bees players at the training ground on trial.

Paul Fairclough has previously looked in the European market for players who want to start a new life in England but so far his search has not found any players being offered a contract by Fairclough.

The three trialists consisted of two left-backs and a striker, all of whom are looking to impress the Bees boss and gain a place in the squad for the 2007/08 season which is fast-approaching.

John Glele is a 21 year old left-back from France who has played for Cowdenbeath and Amiens. The Bees currently have only one left-back in the form of Nicky Nicolau and are looking to strengthen in that area.

But Glele will face competition from another trialist, Jakub Bures, who is also a left-back and due to wage issues, Fairclough is unlikely to offer deals to both the players. Bures is a more experiences, 26 year old who has played in the Czech first division, giving his services to SK Dynamo. Bures has played for the Czech Under-21 international team. Bures would add some height to the defence, measuring up at 6’2′.

The third trialist from overseas is a French striker by the name of Stephan Honore who would this time be adding height to the strikeforce at 1.90 metres tall. He is 21 years of age.

All three will get a chance to impress in the Arsenal friendly this afternoon and if they can put in a good performance against a “strong” Arsenal lineup, it will show the Bees manager they will be able to cut it, week in week out, in League Two.