Date: 10th May 2008 at 9:18am
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Albert Adomah’s transfer request has sparked off a fierce debate among Barnet fans about loyalty in today’s game, or more specifically, the lack of it.

Some have accused Albert of turning his back on the club which gave him his chance in professional football by asking to leave, fearing that this will limit the fee the club can attain for him. Others have blamed his agent for unsettling him and convincing him to move on when they believe he would benefit more as a player from regular 1st team football in League 2 for at least another few months.

However the majority see this as an inevitable part of modern football – Albert will probably at very least double his wages if he moves to a Championship or Premiership club, and they also point out that the club will probably receive a very significant sum for him.

For my view, I feel that while as fans it is disappointing to see exciting players wishing to leave the Bees so quickly, it is understandable. Albert is probably on no better money than many fans in the crowd and there is no guarantee that the bigger clubs will come knocking again, therefore he needs to move on now to give himself financial security. I also reject the idea that he somehow ‘owes’ us a season for giving him his chance (something incidentally that Dagenham would have done had he not joined us). We signed him for his ability, all he owed us was good performances while he was with us – something no fan would deny he gave.

So in conclusion, good luck Albert and may your transfer fee be large!

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