Date: 10th August 2007 at 8:05pm
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The squad numbers for the new season.

Most players have changed their number, with the footballers lowering their numbers from last season. Lee Harrison takes up the number 1 jersey whilst Joe Devera gets the right-back’s number 2. On the opposite full-back position Nicky Nicolau gets the traditional number 3 whilst new central midffield duo Neal Bishop and Michael Leary get 4 and 6, respectively. Ian Hendon moves from 4 to 20.

Ismail Yakubu moves to 5 whilst Liam Hatch and Giuliano Grazioli keep their numbers, whilst Anthony Thomas gets 8; Adam Birchall receives 10; Max Porter with 12 and the number 13 is left empty still. James Cole was handed 12.

Jason Puncheon moves to 11, Stephane Seanla gets 15 and Sagi Burton opted for number 19. Ashley Carew received 16. It has not been revealed the squad numbers of Robert Beckwith, Danny Hart, Rickelle Christian, Philip Carpenter, Joseph Owusu Tabiri, Dean Mason, Ryan Mattos and Daniel Awolesi.

Full Squad List:

1. Harrison
2. Devera
3. Nicolau
4. Bishop
5. Yakubu
6. Leary
7. Hatch
8. Thomas
9. Grazioli
10. Birchall
11. Puncheon
12. Cole
14. Porter
15. Seanla
16. Carew
19. Burton
20. Hendon